Hurlingham Club

The Hurlingham Club was founded in 1888 by leading members of the local British community under the able guidance of Mr. John Ravenscroft whose visionary aim was to start a club set up along the lines of a traditional gentlemen’s club inspired by its namesake in England.

135 years
of history


A true sportsman is one who has not only invigorated his muscles and developed his resistance by the practice of some great sport, but he who in that exercise has learned to suppress his anger, to be tolerant with his fellow teammates, to feel like a deep dishonor the mere suspicion of cheating, and to carry with a cheerful countenance the disenchantment of a setback.

Hurlingham Club, house of sports


First Cricket Match at the Club.


First Hurlingham Polo Open.


Club House Inauguration.


First Golf Tournament.