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Membership to the Hurlingham Club implies to genuine recognize the excellence, gentlemanly spirit and “fair play” in the practice of every one of these sports. This characteristic, which has been a symbol of the Club since the very first day, has been praised by all other institutions, and is what made the Club’s presence mandatory when these associations were established.

Gentlemanly spirit and “fair play” were some of the most important seeds sown by the founding members. To them it was a way of life, something which they practiced in every sport, and which would eventually be embodied into the Club’s regulations and official documents. The authorities that succeeded them, and the heirs of the founding members, have had remarkable success in keeping alive this British spirit, which lies at the very roots of our tradition as an institution.

In a world that is changing at a frantic pace, the challenge that confronts our members (and, more importantly, the authorities of our institution), is how to adapt the Club to the changes demanded by the environment, so as to avoid falling into nostalgic languor, (which is usually the prelude to decay), in such a way that none of our actions deviate from the values and traditions inherited from the founders.

The members, those who consider that they are part of the Hurlingham Club, feel that this is not just a beautiful park and buildings to be enjoyed and to be shared with family and friends. It is a Club that provides all of this in an environment of good manners and the greatest consideration for tradition and the highest of ethical values.

Rules & Etiquette

Whether as a member or as a visitor, please find herebelow the rules in effect that govern our club for your knowledge.. 


We have reciprocal agreements with various prestigious international clubs around the world for our members to always feel at home, wherever they go.

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