House of Sports

A true sportsman is one who has not only invigorated his muscles and developed his resistance by the practice of some great sport, but he who in that exercise has learned to suppress his anger, to be tolerant with his fellow teammates, to feel like a deep dishonor the mere suspicion of cheating, and to carry with a cheerful countenance the disenchantment of a setback.


Golf  first started at the Hurlingham Club in 1892 when the first nine holes were inaugurated.  This was one of the first golf courses in the country, enlarged to 18 holes in 1922, and the current layout finalized in the mid 1930`s.


Polo in our country is intimately associated with the Hurlingham Club, considered to be the cradle of the “Abierto Argentino”. Since 1893 it’s home to the Hurlingham Open Championship, the oldest one in the world and the second leg in the Triple Crown Cup.

Tennis & Squash

Tennis tradition at Hurlingham Club is strictly related with our grass courts. They are the only ones in Argentina and for that reason many great argentinians players have trained here before going to Wimbledon. It began with few courts available.


Cricket is a tradition in Hurlingham. The first cricket match was played on the 6th January 1890. And since then its played every summer against other local teams.

Gym & Fitness

The club’s gym has a diverse amount of machines and sports materials to use. Varied classes are given during the week and on weekends.