Tennis & Squash

The game in white

Tennis tradition at Hurlingham Club is strictly related with our grass courts. They are the only ones in Argentina and for that reason many great argentinians players have trained here before going to Wimbledon. Initially, a number of courts were available and they were all grass courts until 1912 when a group of member requested the construction of a clay court so that tennis could be played all year round. Today, the Club has 12 clay courts today, and lawn for 6 grass courts.

Our members keep up the “white tradition” of the sport through the use of tennis clothes that are mainly white in colour, and of course maintain the tradition of “fair play” that has been a distinctive symbol of our Club since it was founded. Traditional tournaments such as “Grass” and “Clay” are played annually, and these activities are crowned by an important ceremony at the end of each year.

The Hurlingham Club was among one of the very first members of the Argentine Tennis Association which was founded in 1921. Some of the important competitions that have been played at the club are the “Masters de Menores” and the “Campeonato República de Veteranos”.

Squash is the other racket sport that is played at the club. With an annual tournament, Squash at the club is considered to be a gentleman’s game. White dress code is still required, as in Tennis, making the british escence untouched.


“Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down” – R. Frost (poet)

Tennis was not one of the popular sports in the early years of the Hurlingham Club, and not many references to tennis can be found in the Board Minutes of those days. The first mention to be made in the Minutes was in the year 1907, when a Committee was formed that included tennis together with racquets, bat fives and croquet.