The Club

135 years of history

The Hurlingham Club was founded in 1888 by leading members of the local British community under the able guidance of Mr. John Ravenscroft whose visionary aim it was to start a club set up along the lines of a traditional gentlemen’s club and inspired by its namesake in England.
The imposing Club House, built in a traditional English style, and the multiple facilities it offers its members, make Hurlingham Club one of the country’s most prominent sporting and social establishments. It has changed over the years to meet the demands of successive generations but in escence it is still the same traditional, conservative place it has always been.
Its 73 hectares of grounds feature an 18-hole golf course, 5 polo fields, stables for 250 horses, 18 tennis courts (of which 6 are grass courts), a cricket field and 2 swimming pools. The pavilion which comprises changing rooms has also a squash court, a gymnasium and a loft for teenagers.

The quiet efficiency with which the Club´s wide range of sporting and social activities are organized, and the peaceful surroundings, provide members with an ideal place for relaxation in an unique, friendly atmosphere.

The Club enjoys reciprocal membership with similar establishment worldwide, and it can be guaranteed that you will enjoy their facilities on the strength of your membership of the Hurlingham Club of Argentina.

The Founders

John Ravenscroft
M. G. Fortune
W. Dawson Campbell
M. Scott Robson


We have reciprocal agreements with various prestigious international clubs around the world for our members to always feel at home, wherever they go.

Rules & Etiquette

Whether as a member or as a visitor, please find herebelow the rules in effect that govern our club for your knowledge.. 

Our History

With 135 years of life, we are glad to share with you the details and stories that make our history unique.